2016 Custom Race Car Simulator

  • Simulator
  • Guardsman Blue
  • Cloth
  • Black
  • New Thrustmaster Brushless Servomotor
  • 7 Speed
  • Dual-Belt Next-Gen Force Feedback
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  • 11111111111111111

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Jonathan Motorcars.com

Sales Dept.

4185 Route 130 S.

Edgewater Park, NJ 08010

(609) 871-2700


Actual Mileage May Vary

Seller's Description

For sale by Jonathan Motorcars in Edgewater Park NJ is it's newest line of custom car-matched racing simulators. This racing simulator was built to match our Guardsman Blue Cobra we currently have in stock. This is a full custom build with every detail fabricated, designed, and retro-fitted to be as close to the real thing as absolutely possible. This simulator includes absolutely every single component needed to be a complete plug-and-play garage or mancave accessory. It features all of the newest and state-of-the-art simulating technology and components. This simulator includes: 49'' 4K UHD Smart Television specified to be the prefect size for in-game immersion with the most incredible graphics available on the market, Surround Sound soundbar with subwoofer duplicating the immense deep tone of a real Cobra, Custom built and color-match professionally painted frame with 8-way adjustability, a real matching custom painted sliding racing seat with color matched blue stitching and Cobra patch, all-metal 7-speed Thrustmaster shifter coupled with the Professional Series all-metal diamond plated pedal assembly with real cluth/brake physics, this is paired with the newest and most advanced TX Thrustmaster Servo base that delivers the most realistic steering wheel force feedback and vibration we've ever felt, then the custom fabricated and painted GTE assembly with adapter to fit a genuine Cobra wood steering wheel from the Guardsman Blue Cobra, a brand new Xbox One with the latest Forza Motorsports 6 platform that not only allows you to drive and modify the exact Cobra it was molded by but also hundreds of other vehicles duplicated down to the finest details. This system is one-off and a complete ecosystem of parts from all over the world fabricated and bolted together to make the most authentic racing experience we have ever witnessed. We are offering any custom Simulator (built to duplicate any vehicle of your liking) with this advertised starting price. We can customize one to your vehicle or any vehicle you'd like at that starting price. This is the ONLY fully customized, all-inclusive, plug-and-play, top of the line brand new custom line simulator line available in the world. In addition to being an authentic custom simulator you can also watch TV, play Netflix or Amazon Video, watch Youtube videos, play any Blueray player in your collection, Listen to Pandora, play any of your music through Bluetooth on your phone, play any new Xbox One or 360 game with the included Xbox controller, and even connect to the internet as a web browser/computer. Call us today to find out more info or to build your own custom setup.

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